Created 30-Dec-11
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In this very personal gallery - I pay tribute to Jack Vettriano - one of my most admired artists.

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Jack Vettriano grew up in the industrial seaside town of Methil, Fife. He left school at 16 and later became an apprentice mining engineer. Vettriano did not take up painting as a hobby until the 1970s, when a girlfriend bought him a set of watercolours for his 21st birthday.[1] His earliest paintings, under the name "Jack Hoggan", were copies or pastiches of impressionist paintings – his first painting was a copy of Monet's Poppy Fields.[2] Much of his influence came from studying paintings at the Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery in neighbouring Kirkcaldy. In 1984, Vettriano first submitted his work to the Shell-sponsored art exhibition in the museum.

The images in this gallery are intended as a personal project.
Legs Eleven / DSED8071Heatwave / DSED8049The Perfectionist / DSED8141DSED8110DSED8137DSED8103DSED8085DSED8163DSED8149DSED8142DSED8142DSED8132Devotion / DSED8128DSED8093DSED8081DSED8051DSED8047DSED8190DSED8194DSED8205A-2