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Statement of Intent

ARPS Fine Art

Inspired by the work of the 19th century impressionist painters, I have, in this panel of images, tried to capture the feel and essence of the Lincolnshire coast and countryside, through the medium of digital photography, and to capture familiar things in an unfamiliar way. I made the pictures to call attention to details that people often overlook, and my goal is to draw viewers into the picture, by focusing on these details, and leaving an impression of the natural and man made structures.

I am further inspired by the moments we lose to memory. This collection of work comes from my desire to preserve moments that I might otherwise forget. The somewhat muted colours that appear in the images, represent the flatness of the Lincolnshire landscape, and the soft light that is so typical of the county.

I find myself recording my own reactions and impressions of my home, and translating them in a way that will enable others to appreciate the beauty of a somewhat forgotten region.
The Brocklesby ArchLincoln Arboretum GazeboWaves - Hull DocksLittle Grimsby TreeDoddington Folly V1Ferris Wheel, CleethorpesGrimsby BandstandEast Park Clock - HullHelter Skelter at CleethorpesFlyiing ChairsRoad RoundaboutBlossom4Scunthorpe Fountain 2East Park Winter Trees HullThe CarouselHanging Plan