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Links to other sites that Oaktree Photography thinks are more than worthwhile.

Multiple Exposure Photography by Christian Stoll

Derbyshire Well Dressings Calendar

The Fine Art Print Room

Glacial Ice Sculpures - Ice Sculptures are without doubt one of the most impressive ways to create an air of 'spectacular' at any event.  Just because something has been made in ice, does not make it a great sculpture.  It is talent and imagination, not the material that makes any sculpture great.  Glacial Ice are certainly spectacular.  Highly recommended for any event that wants that 'extra' touch.

Stockport Photographic Society - A great photo club, meets each Tuesday evening, 7.30pm, at St George's Church Hall, Stockport.

The Royal Photographic Society

Shared Earth Photography is the work of Mike Batty, a freelance photographer who is based on the outskirts of Manchester in the UK. The proximity of both rural and urban environments has enabled Mike to build up a diverse portfolio.

Shared Earth Photography