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The following information is provided to help answer most common questions related to placing orders on the site.

How do I order prints?

To order prints, click the ADD TO CART button next to the photo you want to order. A new window with a list of available products will display. Select the product you are interested in ordering, provide quantity, and click CHECKOUT.

If you would like to add more photos to the Cart, select ADD TO CART AND CONTINUE instead, and continue to the next photo. When you are finished, select the Cart link from the top of the page and proceed to the Shopping Cart.

Some photographers do not allow for their photos to be ordered and disable this option. If that happens, you will not see the ADD TO CART button displayed next to a photograph.

Why do I see ADD TO CART button next to some photos but not all?

Photographers decide if their photos can be ordered by others or not. Some allow certain galleries to be ordered while others disable the ability to order prints completely. If that happens, you will not see the ADD TO CART button displayed next to their photographs.

If you are interested in purchasing a photograph but it is not available for ordering, contact photographer directly.

I do not see paper options in the ADD TO CART window, where do I select paper?

After you add photos to the Shopping Cart, you will be able to make changes to the products and options, including specifying the paper to be used.. There are several paper types offered. Click the name of the paper in the Cart and you can read more details about it.

You can also change paper options for all the items at once by using the Batch Options link at the top of each section. Keep in mind that some papers need to be shipped as separate orders, and different papers may have different prices associated with them.

I want to order all photos from a gallery, how do I do that?

Navigate to a gallery page (where you see thumbnails only) and select ADD TO CART from the top. All photos from the gallery will be added to Cart in the print sizes you specify. You can then easily go through the list and remove the photos you do not want.

The print size I want says "Insufficient photo resolution," what does that mean?

If the photo you want to print was uploaded in the original size that is too small to be printed, you will see this notice displayed Insufficient photo resolution for this product. That means the photo is too small for the print size.

You may contact the photographer and ask if a higher resolution photo can be uploaded in order to order the print size you are looking for.

How do I change paper options?

Click the name of the paper in the Cart next to photo thumbnail and a new window will open with different paper options. Select the paper you want based on the descriptions and click Apply.

You can also change paper options for all the items at once by using the Batch Options link at the top of each section. Keep in mind that some papers need to be shipped as separate orders, and different papers may have different prices associated with them.

Making batch changes

At the top of every section in the Cart, there is a link called Select Batch Options for All Items. Selecting this link brings up a new window where you can make batch changes to all the items in that section, including changing paper options, specifying color correction settings, changing quantity, and more.

Can I add more photos to the Cart?

At any time you can select the Continue Shopping button at the bottom of the Cart to add more photos. You can click the Cart link at the top of any page to return back to the Shopping Cart. back to topHow do I change Cropping?

Every photo thumbnail in the cart has a link below it that says Crop followed by a selected setting. You can click the setting link or the thumbnail itself to open a new Adjust Cropping window.

By default, Auto-crop is selected for most photos. A small area of a photograph will be cut off when Auto is selected. Most of the time, this is not noticeable, but look through the previews of all the photographs you are ordering to confirm it works well.

You can change that to Fit to make sure the entire photograph is fitted to a print size you select. Most of the time, this results in narrow white margins on the sides of the print.

You can also adjust cropping manually.

Can a print be ordered mounted or framed?

Some print sizes can be ordered mounted or even framed. When these options apply, there will be a link available Frames, mounting, etc

What is Color Enhancement?

If set to "Auto-enhance", color, contrast, and sharpness will be automatically adjusted by the lab to achieve the best tonal response and color density. Slight shifts in color may occur. This is an option available at no additional cost, and it is particularly useful for photos that look dark or poorly exposed.

By default, the Color Enhancement option is set to "Do not enhance".

Will a watermark I see on a photo show up when printed?

By definition, a watermark serves as additional protection for displaying photos online. When a photo with a watermark is printed, the watermark is removed leaving the photo clear.

If I order a B&W photo on color paper, will it come out in color?

A Black & White photo will remain B&W even if printed on color paper.

What are the benefits of registration during the Checkout?

If you choose to register during cart checkout, you will automatically receive your own Visitor account. This is a completely free account allowing you to:

  • Save payment and address information to save time on future purchases
  • Track order status online and review order details including cropping
  • Keep a history of orders to reference at a later time
  • Place reorders without going through the steps again
  • Communicate with photographers directly in case of any questions
  • Access receipts from all previous transactions

Additionally, the Visitor account allows you to save photos from photographer to Collections. You will also get your own Home page with a custom URL address. You will not be able to upload photos using this account.

Information you provide during registration will never be shared with anyone, and you can opt-out of receiving future e-mail correspondence in the Preferences of your account.

How much is Shipping?

Shipping charges are dynamically calculated at the time of ordering. You will most likely have a choice between several shipping methods depending on the destination and how quickly you want to receive the order. Keep in mind that the First Class mail or Economy shipping, while the least expensive, does not provide tracking information.

What methods of payment are accepted?
Major credit cards are accepted including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal.

What name will I see on my credit card statement?
The credit card transaction will be listed under the name "ZENFOLIO".

How long will it take for my order to arrive
Dispatch is usually within 24 hours